My mission is to help people live their best life! 

For over 25 years, I have been helping people unlock the power that resides within, to create the life and business they truly desire. 


During this unprecedented crisis, I have been helping clients navigate through the uncertainty and make decisions about their life and business with more clarity and confidence. This moment in time presents the opportunity to find out what you really want and to design your next level life plan. 


I guide you through all the noise to develop your peak growth mindset for creative thinking, unleash possibilities and build momentum. 


Known for motivating others with positivity and authenticity, I utilize my goal-oriented skills and my insight oriented experience as a psychotherapist to facilitate transition and transformation. 


We will clarify your vision and desires. We will work on developing new strategies and tools for moving forward. We will look at the skills, experience and resilience that already reside within you for the seeds of adaptation and growth. We will develop manageable action steps for you to reach larger goals. We will draw upon your strengths to take existing work to a new level or launch a new career or venture. 

Through our coaching process you will discover that you can begin the process today to have a whole new level of success, purpose and happiness .



Greenhouse Classroom Benefit for PS84, Williamsburg, Brooklyn