Businesses and nonprofit organizations work hard at doing great things! Sometimes they don't have enough hours, staff or energy to allot to a more successful short term and long development plans . An expert advisor with a fresh perspective can make all the difference.

As an consultant with a hands-on collaborative leadership style, my focus is on customizing strategies that help organizations achieve their development and fundraising goals. 


I love bringing people together for an event, cause, project or organization that I am passionate about! I love getting the right people and key constituents on board and collaborating. Building relationships throughout my professional life., has enabled me to help organizations expand their networks, build greater brand awareness and connect the right people to support their cause or project for greater success.

My role includes;

- Project management

- Coordinating a team

- Spearheading a capital campaign or fundraising intiative

- Creating and implementing short term and long term development plans.

- Producing and curating memorable events

- Doing outreach to prospective

investors, donors and sponsors from individuals, businesses, and corporations

- Navigating city and state government funding process.

- Cultivating the investor, sponsor and donor relationships

- Inspiring and motivating the staff, board members and volunteers connected to fundraising

- Networking at events to promote the cause, project or  ,organization 

- Building relationships with elected officials and community leaders to raise awareness of project , cause or organization





Greenhouse Classroom Benefit for PS84, Williamsburg, Brooklyn


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