In these group workshops I guide people through the process of navigating their next professional move with more clarity, confidence and possibilities - even through such uncertainty. 


Working with a group of other growth oriented people is very powerful. During this program, everyone will benefit from getting individualized attention, collaborative brainstorming for optimum problem solving and creative thinking and work with people who share the similar goals of growing themselves and their business. 


A person's identity and sense of value is often tied to their career or business. The difficult transition from job or business loss can be traumatic and frightening without a roadmap for traversing it. In a state of anxiety and fear, it is very hard to move forward. 


The good news is with the right guidance on making a purposeful shift, people can learn ways to regain their confidence and create momentum to make their next move.


 This program is a step by step roadmap that includes:


  • Opening up New Possibilities

  • Leveraging your Strengths and Accomplishments

  • Working on your Vision

  • Developing New Habits for Growth Mindset

  • Taking Actionable Steps

  • Organizing your Daily and Weekly Plan

  • Making a Plan with Options

  • Reaching out to Your Networks and Creating New Relationships

  • Getting into a New Field

  • Earning Income Now

Contact me with questions or information about when the next workshop is taking place - diana@dianazelvin.com. Make this next year your best year yet!

Recent Webinars

During the pandemic, I have been helping people build their resilience, develop strategies for coping and focus on their renewal process.

Creating A Mindset for Navigating Your Next Business Moves – presented with The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
https://tinyurl.com/y5ffbhct    Access Password: Zv+eu714

Coping with Anxiety and Uncertainty During the COVID19 Crisis – presented with The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

https://tinyurl.com/y3f4p8d4     Access Password: e8%71*11


Helping the Business Owner Cope in Uncertain Times; Tools for Developing Clarity and Hope – presented with Evergreen Exchange and sponsored by JPMorgan Chase.

https://tinyurl.com/y4han6eu     Access Password: 0I@m4$^*


Hope & Resilience in Uncertain Times: Strategies for Coping during COVID19 - hosted by New York State Assembly Member Joe Lentol


Diana is an intuitive listener and kean observer. I was impressed at how she could turn a zoom session into a warm, living room chat. Her positive energy, and supportive comments allowed me to speak freely about my concerns moving forward in life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking counsel or guidance. 

Eliot Niles


Brooklyn Atitude