Diana's super power is helping people and organizations grow and thrive


She guides them from where they are, to where they want to go. She creates the pathways to succeed and flourish.


Diana is known for motivating others with empathy, positivity and authenticity in all her roles as a coach, strategist, business consultant, speaker and psychotherapist.

With over 25 years of experience, Diana is a skilled listener who brings together her goal-oriented coaching talents and her sensitivities as a psychotherapist to hear her clients’ specific challenges and envision the possibilities for solutions. When working with Diana, people are empowered with the tools and strategies to put to use on day one.

Once she gets behind a person, project, or organization, gears start turning and ideas start cooking. Diana's enthusiasm is infectious. She loves getting people excited about what she is excited about; it’s no wonder motivation is her specialty!


Her forte is bringing people together to support causes and organizations that make the city and world a better place. 

Whether she is helping people access their strengths to move forward, expanding an organization's networks and impact, galvanizing others around a cause, bringing people together for exciting events, teaching strategies for empowerment and growth, or leading a project to fruition - Diana is a visionary leader who makes it happen!  


Phone  917-733-4571         

Email diana@dianazelvin.com


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