My mission is to advance the impact of organizations that elevate our communities, planet and humanity.

There are many businesses and nonprofit organizations that are making a positive difference in the world. I love connecting the right people to help their cause. I love amplifying their message to a larger audience.  I love mobilizing people to be part of something bigger that will change people’s lives. I love helping organizations have a greater social impact.

I am brought into an enterprise as the go-to person who is solely dedicated to growing networks, creating fundraising initiatives and helping with development needs so that the staff and the organization will be more successful. I have a passion for connecting and building relationships throughout my professional life which has given me a network that is robust with critical resources for organizations.

In addition to my work with organizations, for 25 years I have enjoyed working with people as a psychotherapist and as a business coach.

My unique background has given me an expertise to listen closely to organizations’ needs, develop trusted relationships with donors and clients, and gain insight into the motivation of current and potential patrons and investors.


Helping inspire people to support a great mission makes my heart sing. I provide insight, support and customized plans for organizations to achieve their development goals so everyone enjoys the journey. 


Call  917-733-4571         

email at diana@dianazelvin.com


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