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Diana's super power is helping people and organizations grow and thrive

For more than 25 years, Diana has been helping people unlock their full potential, maximize their performance, and create a future that is more meaningful and fulfilling than ever. Guiding with empathy and positivity, she creates pathways that empower clients to go after their most audacious goals, to succeed and flourish. 

Diana is a skilled listener who brings together her goal-oriented coaching talents and sensitivities as a psychotherapist to hear her clients’ specific challenges and reimagine possibilities and solutions. 

Whether working with business owners, executives, those starting a new venture, companies and their employees, or those at a professional inflection point, Diana helps find clarity, work through challenges they are facing, and develop a road map with actionable steps to navigate their next moves with confidence.

Clients are equipped with customized plans and strategies to start implementing on day one!

In workshops, groups and one-on-one coaching sessions, Diana guides clients on changing habits for increased energy and productivity; leveraging expertise and strengths; priming the mind for creativity and innovation; creating new opportunities; managing small steps towards big picture goals; tapping into the power of existing networks; generating momentum; and empowering for success and happiness.

When working with Diana energy flows, gears turn and ideas brew. Action, momentum, and options unfold! 

Success ensues! 

Diana’s enthusiasm is infectious! She loves getting people excited about what THEY have to offer; no wonder motivation is her specialty!

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