A wellness and personal development workshop for companies to offer to their employees.


The pandemic has made mental health the biggest workforce issue of our time. People are stressed out, burnt out and have heightened emotional and physical problems. In response I created THRIVE NOW, an 8 week wellbeing workshop for employees. 


In one hour weekly sessions, participants learn a new set of tools and strategies to boost mental and physical energy, strengthen resilience, calm the mind and body, bring clarity to their day, and inspire optimism and happiness.   


This interactive workshop breathes new life and skills into their daily routine in a fun, engaging, and uplifting program so they can be happier and healthier in mind and body. 


The practical tips, creative activities, fun exercises, and group discussions all provide employees with countless strategies to emerge from the pandemic with more vitality than ever. 

Topics covered in this workshop include;

     • Cultivating a positive mindset 

     • Building better habits for lasting change

     • Strategies for managing stress

     • Mindfulness and meditation 

     • Boosting energy and vitality

     • Nutrition and emotional eating 

     • Movement, exercise and sleep

     • Creating uplifting daily plans

     • Nurturing social connections 

     • Creative and fun experiences


Participating with a group of colleagues provides additional support and camaraderie. They learn from each other, build relationships outside of the workday AND have extra fun together! The strategies can be implemented immediately to create transformation of their mind, body and spirit to make a significant impact now and for the rest of their life!

It has been so uplifting, insightful and inspiring to work with Diana! She has such a great spirit and wealth of knowledge that has helped me in so many ways!


I am so excited to continue this professional relationship with her during the wellness program and ongoing. Thank you Diana, for everything!

Sophia A.


Breakthru Beverage Group

Diana is the best facilitator! So bright, compassionate, positive, intelligent, thoughtful, fun, kind!


She made the sessions feel inviting and inclusion. The topics are relevant and highly important in today’s modern world. I loved the workshop and hope to continue it on. Thank you!!

Rachel T

Human Resources

Breakthru Beverage Group