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Workshops to help you
THRIVE NOW and in life! 


The pandemic has made our mental health the biggest workforce issue of our time. People feel overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious, afraid and lost.


There is good news! THRIVE NOW workshops can make a big difference in how you think, feel and move forward!


These empowering workshops are live coaching group experiences that help you get unstuck, manage stress, generate energy, create momentum and design a clear vision for your future.


In weekly sessions participants learn a new set of tools and strategies that successful business people, professional athletes and even Navy SEALs use to focus, calm the mind, boost mental and physical energy, enhance performance and productivity and increase overall happiness.   

Topics covered include;

  • Cultivating a positive mindset 

  • Strategies for managing stress & anxiety

  • Boosting energy and vitality

  • Building healthy habits for lasting change

  • Creating an uplifting morning routine

  • Focus and prioritization

  • Goals and schedules

  • Designing a one year personal and professional vision

This interactive workshop breathes new life and skills into a daily routine in a fun, engaging, and uplifting program.

Practical tools, new knowledge, creative activities, and group discussions all provide participants with numerous strategies to emerge from this time with more focus, actions steps and vitality than ever. 

Participating in a group provides added support and camaraderie. People learn from each other and have  more fun together! The strategies can be implemented on day one for significant impact now and the rest of your life!

It has been so uplifting, insightful and inspiring to work with Diana! She has such a great spirit and wealth of knowledge that has helped me in so many ways! 


I am so excited to continue this professional relationship with her during the wellness program and ongoing. Thank you Diana, for everything!​

Sophia A.


Breakthru Beverage Group

Diana is the best facilitator! So bright, compassionate, positive, intelligent, thoughtful, fun, kind!


She made the sessions feel inviting and inclusion. The topics are relevant and highly important in today’s modern world. I loved the workshop and hope to continue it on. Thank you!!

Rachel T

Human Resources


I signed up for THRIVE NOW seeking help managing my schedule, and tackling priorities, particularly as a solopreneur. 

Far exceeding my expectations, I gained daily confidence and joy.

Diana’s approach is practical, motivating, and intuitive. THRIVE NOW program went so far beyond what I expected, everyday I feel positive and well as if it was magic!  If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or uncertain, as I was, Thrive Now is a priceless gift.

Marsha Trattner 



THRIVE NOW was truly a life changing experience.  It not only taught me to think differently throughout my day but the power of starting off positively.

I learned that some old habits we have found to be normal or reliable could vastly change how we do and see things,  if we changed just the smallest and simplest way. The power of self-reflecting!


Pascal Pierre

Assistant Vice President, 

Branch Manager

Citizen's Bank


Diana Zelvin is a powerhouse of invaluable information and teachings. Thrive Now was an excellent way to connect with business community members while learning valuable skills to help me excel both professionally and in my personal life. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their outlook, communication, and interpersonal skills. Two thumbs up!


Jessica Wertz

RHD Projects

The Thrive program was really great! It allowed an opportunity to take a break from business and really focus on your mental health and wellness. There were great tips and advice shared by Diana, as well as the other participants. There were so many takeaways that I use daily to help me to stay focused, productive, and thrive.

Lishawn Alexander

Lishawn Business and Management Consulting


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