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​I am brought into an organization as the go-to person dedicated to helping innovate, grow and thrive. Collaborating together, sparks fly and new solutions emerge. Leveraging the organization's existing strengths, I create and implement the best strategies to advance the organization to become more successful and sustainable. I am known as someone who makes things happen with persistence and enthusiasm.

My forte is bringing people together to get behind a project, cause or organization to advance their mission.

I love creating the best narrative for potential supporters and collaborators! I love amplifying their mission to a larger audience! I love mobilizing people to be part of something bigger that will have a greater social impact!

My unique background as a long time psychotherapist helps me listen with razor sharp attunement to the business’ needs, provide deeper organizational insights, understand how to motivate others and develop trusted relationships.

My passion for connecting and building relationships throughout my professional life has provided me a wide network that is robust with critical resources, which in turn has enabled me to help businesses expand their networks, build greater brand awareness and connect the right people to support their project or organization for greater success.

My areas of expertise include;

  • Leading a project

  • Coordinating a team

  • Collaborating and problem solving

  • Spearheading a capital campaign or fundraising

  • Creating and implementing short term and long term development plans.

  • Curating and producing memorable events.

  • Building relationships with investors, sponsors
    donors, vendors and elected officials.

  • Inspiring and motivating staff and board members to the advance the mission

  • Amplifying the mission to raise greater awareness the project or organization 

As a consultant, I provide the structure, motivation and support to help your organization achieve your goals and enjoy the journey. 

"Diana Zelvin came into Slam, our Action Laboratory and wowed us with her electric and sincere presence. 


She invited amazing individuals into our Rehearsals and Performances and in a brief time she increased our circle of supporters from Bankers and Real Estate leaders to local shop owners. 


Diana has a magic elixir that beautifully unites people across all groups!”


Elizabeth Streb 

Extreme Action Choreographer

Director of SLAM

"It is a pleasure to provide my enthusiastic support for Diana Zelvin. She is a pleasure to know and work with and especially, because if you want something done on time, competently and creatively, Diana is the one!

Diana exemplifies the “can do” spirit.  If you want to get it done with Brooklyn attitude, my vote . . . Diana Zelvin!"


Marty Markowitz

Former Brooklyn Borough President

"Diana is a powerhouse fundraiser! 


The first time she came to solicit funds for the PS 84 rooftop project, I had no intention of writing a check.  Needless to say, her knowledge of me, the project, and her persuasive manner won me over. 


If I had a project and needed to raise funds, she would be the first person I would call."


Norm Brodsky

Entrepreneur, Author

Inc. Columnist

"Diana sees potential connections between people that others do not and more often than not when she connects these people and organizations real results and highly effective and lasting collaborations are created.


One of Diana's greatest strengths is that she understands that change is about committed people doing the work on the ground, not pie-in-the-sky ideas that get left on conference room white boards.


Diana has the rare combination of being deeply empathetic and being a canny and highly effective closer.


Diana’s unwavering support and fundraising work on behalf of The Brownsville Community Culinary Center and the people of Brownsville not only enhanced and improved our organization but there have been times when her efforts literally kept our foundation alive."

Philip Hoffman

Executive Director

Brownsville Community Culinary Center

"Diana is incredibly responsive, professional and a pleasure to work with. Diana knows everyone, I mean everyone. She's a connector in the truest sense of the word and understands people, relationships and how to get things done.


By working with Diana, my partners and I have been able to focus our time and energy on one of the most important but overlooked parts of running a business.  How to work well with each other.”

James Robb

Madera Trade

"Diana is a master at the art of being in the right place at the right time and of the all important process of following up.


She raised over $2 million dollars for the construction of the first rooftop hydroponic greenhouse at PS84K in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a project that now stands as a shining example of what a community can do for its children.


She made it look so easy but it was actually quite a task, requiring exacting attention to detail, extensive networking, and administrative skill. Diana always managed it with grace and humor - donors actually love her and come back to donate more."


Heather Langsner

MD Portfolio Engineering and Renewable Energy Specialist

Greenhouse Classroom Benefit for PS84, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

The Williamsburg Wine Bash 

Benefit for The Firehouse 

North Brooklyn Community Center 

at Brooklyn Bowl

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