​I am brought into an organization as the go-to person dedicated to helping innovate, grow and thrive. Collaborating together, sparks fly and new solutions emerge. Leveraging the organization's existing strengths, I create and implement the best strategies to advance the organization to become more successful and sustainable. I am known as someone who makes things happen with persistence and enthusiasm.

My forte is bringing people together to get behind a project, cause or organization to advance their mission.

I love creating the best narrative for potential supporters and collaborators! I love amplifying their mission to a larger audience! I love mobilizing people to be part of something bigger that will have a greater social impact!

My unique background as a long time psychotherapist helps me listen with razor sharp attunement to the business’ needs, provide deeper organizational insights, understand how to motivate others and develop trusted relationships.

My passion for connecting and building relationships throughout my professional life has provided me a wide network that is robust with critical resources, which in turn has enabled me to help businesses expand their networks, build greater brand awareness and connect the right people to support their project or organization for greater success.

My areas of expertise include;

  • Leading a project

  • Coordinating a team

  • Collaborating and problem solving

  • Spearheading a capital campaign or fundraising

  • Creating and implementing short term and long term development plans.

  • Curating and producing memorable events.

  • Building relationships with investors, sponsors
    donors, vendors and elected officials.

  • Inspiring and motivating staff and board members to the advance the mission

  • Amplifying the mission to raise greater awareness the project or organization 

As a consultant, I provide the structure, motivation and support to help your organization achieve your goals

and enjoy the journey. 

My super power is helping leaders and organizations flourish! 




The Williamsburg Wine Bash 

Benefit for The Firehouse 

North Brooklyn Community Center 

at Brooklyn Bowl