As a licensed psychotherapist, I have been helping people grow, adapt and thrive for over 25 years.


During this time of uncertainty, many people are experiencing a host of heightened emotions including anxiety, depression and isolation, fear, guilt, shame and grief.  With rapid changes to how we will live and work, it may be hard to cope with the new stressors, worries and fears. 

You may have lost a loved one. You may have lost your job or business. Everyone has lost life as we knew it. That is just a tremendous amount of loss. 

You may feel overwhelmed and confused on what decisions to make for yourself, your family, your finances and your business. You may have physical and behavioral manifestations of anxiety such as heart racing, fatigue, insomnia, upset stomach, tingling through extremities, shortness of breath, eating too much, drinking too much or loss of appetite. 

Although we can’t control the world’s events, with the right guidance you can get relief and not have to go this alone. You will discover steps you can take to manage the stress, calm your mind and body, and become empowered in your own life. 


I am offering virtual support to help guide you deal with these difficult emotions and decisions. We will explore your history for a better understanding of your personal struggle that may be exacerbated through this time. We will work on developing healthy ways of coping. We will work on strategies to help you deal with the stress you are experiencing daily. 


I look forward to helping you feel better and build your resilience.