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For business owners to map out their next moves.


In this 8 week group for business owners or those starting a new venture I will guide you through a process to find clarity, explore possibilities, be more strategic in decisions and planning your next steps with confidence. 


We'll look at your strengths, brand, customers and offerings for the best opportunities that this time presents. Together we map out steps and a timeline for your one year vision; look at what skills, tools and knowledge you need to get there, plan who you can reach out to and decide what areas are most important to focus your time and energy. 


A working group of business owners is a powerful format to help people move forward personally and professionally. When a group of people work together towards their goals something special occurs. Ties are created, shared experience is validating, and new ideas emerge. Business owners love the support and camaraderie from other business owners, the group brainstorming and problem solving and the ongoing motivation as everyone works towards their goals.

 This program is a step by step roadmap that includes:

  • Opening up New Possibilities

  • Leveraging Your Strengths and Accomplishments

  • Working on Your Vision

  • Developing New Habits for Growth Mindset

  • Taking Actionable Steps

  • Organizing Your Daily and Weekly Plan

  • Exploring Your Relationship with Money

  • Activating Your Networks & Creating New Relationships

  • Earning Income Now

Changes and transitions in one's business can be overwhelming without a roadmap for traversing it. In a state of anxiety and fear, it is hard to move forward. The good news is with the right guidance on making a purposeful shift, you can learn ways to regain confidence and create momentum on planning your next phase.

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